Technology Modernization
and Migration Services

As organizations grow, they need to modernize the business applications and software they use, to stay relevant and competitive. This involves transferring data to a new environment quickly, without losing its integrity in the process. At Cardinal, we help organizations fulfill their modernization and migration needs by swiftly migrating their data with lower risks. Our proven tech modernization uses current application codes while helping transition to modern development, platforms, architectures, and practices. We make technology modernization and migration processes easier, faster, and more impactful putting the organizations on the best path toward becoming data-driven.

Platform & Technology Migration


Our thorough approach and knowledge of data models, conversion formats, and restrictions help us protect and migrate data to new platforms with minimum risk.

Website migration


We seamlessly migrate websites in an SEO friendly fashion, ensuring that the business does not get affected and everything is perfectly reinstalled as well as reconfigured without the loss of organic visibility or rankings in the process.

UI-modernization and migration


We use the latest, cost-effective, trending technologies, design features and best practices to help migrate and modernize the existing interfaces of organizations making them efficient.

API modernization and migration


We offer deep technical expertise and a unique approach to enable and facilitate API modernization and migration for greater operational agility as well as cost-efficiency.

Enterprise to cloud transformation


Every enterprise has its business priorities and challenges that influence its cloud transformation. We deliver practical, secured, and seamless cloud transformation services to help clients to move to the cloud and maximize both short and long-term benefits.

Application re-engineering


As technological advancements happen, it becomes essential for organizations to evolve their software applications. We provide cost-effective, low risk services that increase business agility, scalability and enhance productivity.

Data and database migration


We offer a range of data migration services to help businesses unify their disparate data and leverage their performance while ensuring data quality and minimum downtime.

Application rehosting


We offer safe and cost-effective application rehosting services that enhance the value of core business systems, reduce the total cost of ownership, and deliver new functionality faster.