Our People

Our people are our foundation for continuous growth and success. Therefore, we prioritize what matters to them and aim to provide a culture of creativity, diversity, and collaboration along with an employee-friendly environment that offers flexibility and job fulfillment.

Our Culture

We are a family of more than three hundred employees, divided into specialized teams, and acknowledge the ways those families need to be supported. Each of our employees is a talented individual who plays an important role in making the company what it is today. We understand that when employees are satisfied and happy with the organization, they achieve a better work-life balance.

Therefore, we have well-developed policies that help to manage risk, improve workforce morale, and give them job satisfaction. We invest in our workforce through efficient learning and development programs as well as health and wellness sessions that help in enhancing their skills while also keeping them contented, and happy.

Our people are our strength and the true assets of our organization. Thus, we endeavor to promote a healthy culture where they feel motivated, heard, recognized, and satisfied.

Employee Benefits

Wellness Sessions

We aim to redefine the work culture by supporting the health and well-being of our workforce. Therefore, we offer a range of schemes and activities designed to support their physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

  • Medical insurance and coverage
  • Yoga Sessions for overall health and emotional wellbeing
  • Sports tournaments
  • Team outings
  • Team building activities that encourage wellbeing
  • Wellness supporting communities
  • Health screenings
  • Wellness initiatives supporting healthier behavior


We provide comprehensive employee benefits that make them feel valued, appreciated, and rewarded for their hard work. These include:

  • Retirement plans
  • Performance bonus
  • Corporate discounts (discounts offered to employees on the original price)
  • Health/dental/vision insurance
  • Wellness programs
  • Student/tuition loan payment
  • Relocation and housing options
  • WFH/Commuting benefits
  • Maternity leaves
  • Paid time off/paid vacation
  • Apart from the generous vacation time, we recognize all major public holidays giving employees enough time to recharge and refresh

Learning and Development

The right way to support employees is by helping them grow. Thus, self-improvement is heavily promoted in our work culture. We offer extensive development opportunities and continuous learning programs to our employees, including:

  • Seminars, lectures, and conferences
  • Formal trainings and workshops
  • Technical, management and professional development classes
  • Education programs that help the employees get ahead
  • Networking events, certifications, and internal development opportunities