Media & Entertainment

The fast-changing consumer behavior has given rise to new challenges for the media and entertainment industry. These include a constant change in search engine algorithms, decreasing readership, and content distribution. Therefore, it has become essential for companies to transform their entire supply chain from content development to its consumption by customers.

We deliver bespoke technology solutions that aptly suit the media and entertainment businesses and help them in keeping pace with the digital revolution. Our services offer superior user experiences across platforms, create a distinctive brand voice, and maximize conversions.

We also help clients in leveraging multiple distribution models, tracking, and analyzing the readership data, simplifying content creation and management, and achieving the desired business outcomes.


Digital Media

Our proven expertise in digital media technology services helps organizations achieve faster time-to-market and establish leaner operations. We provide consulting, workflow management, supply of turnkey projects, and outsourcing complex media technology operations through completely customized offerings. Our team of professionals with diverse technical, and analytical skills provide engaging and easy-to-use digital media solutions focused on creating the best user experience for clients and delivering results.



With a greater number of customers going online, Ad-tech has become extremely important. The more data available the more effective and engaging marketing strategies become. At Cardinal, we offer advertising technology services with software solutions that analyze, deliver, and utilize data to make processes efficient, maximize the results of ad campaigns, and provide customizable solutions to meet the needs of each campaign.


Electronic Media

Distributing content on electronic media requires a high-quality network and faster services. Our advanced IT solutions help media firms, industries, and networks deliver seamless data production and distribution on TV as well as online, and improved levels of customer support so that they may reach new audiences easier and engage more viewers.


Streaming & OTT

The way viewers interact and consume content has changed. Since broadcast television and the internet have converged, it has resulted in a unified platform that caters to all the user’s needs without any hindrance. We have helped content creators and distributors optimize their offerings for this space through our advanced technology solutions. We provide the development, implementation, and enhancement of systems that help enhance customer interaction and conversion rate.