Digital Transformation

We help enterprises around the globe in paving a way forward to efficient systems and innovative ways of scaling their business—all through modern software solutions. Our superior IT transformation services are tailored to meet the need of enterprises. In the process of transforming businesses, we have built long-term relationships with global clients, scaling with them as their technology needs to grow.


Business Model Transformation

Rapidly evolving business environments have made it imperative to continuously transform business models. We specialize in transforming and reinventing the processes, the way the business is done, and changing business models to those that are more effective, so that the companies may thrive in the current digital economy. We help our customers use technological advances that allow them to adopt better ways of creating value, improve business, and generate higher revenues.

Through our business model transformation services, we help enterprises:

  • Create business models that fit their company culture.
  • Implement business models that create value.
  • Embed innovation in organizations without relying on huge budgets.
  • Embrace their business goals.
  • Scale-up sales and production.
  • Cut costs, capture revenue and profits.
  • Strengthen the weak links in the organization.
  • Reinvigorate the customer experience.
  • Drive value, grow revenues and efficiency.

Enterprise Application Integration

We offer hassle-free cloud operation and management services to help support business initiatives in a secure and cost-effective manner. We develop proper standards and streamline cloud operations that improve their overall productivity. Our services help reduce the cost of delivering cloud services, justify investments and deliver the speed and quality that users expect and demand. We help maximize the visibility of the cloud environment of organizations that gives them the intelligence required to control the resources and run services confidently and cost-effectively.

Our EAI services help:

  • Streamline the management of front office and back-office functions.
  • Help reduce an organization's dependence on individual software vendors.
  • Ensure that databases are synchronized and available throughout the organization.
  • Streamline administrative processes and helps employees be more productive.
  • Provide better insights into organizational data and reduce errors.
  • Different tasks can be accomplished as a single workflow instead of in separate programs.

We Offer:

Point-to-point integration | Hub-and-spoke integration | Bus integration Middleware integration | Microservices


Cloud Adoption

Since 2012, our cloud adoption services have helped in efficient operations while reducing the cost and risks of businesses. We help organizations navigate the cloud adoption journey successfully and securely. We manage and monitor reputable tools consistently while reducing the cost and complexity that accompanies cloud adoption. Our cloud adoption services:

  • Help manage, store and process critical data efficiently
  • Have better service quality and faster time to market
  • Eliminate the need for a large security and maintenance staff
  • Ensure that information is not lost through data breaches and that software UIs (user interfaces), and APIs (application programming interfaces) are safe and updated
  • Keep track of updates and identify vulnerabilities to help eliminate the risks
  • Are capable of moving data to different service providers to adjust demand and optimize processes
Cloud adoption
CIO Advisory

CIO Advisory

Staying on top of innovations, and deciding on the right technology solutions for businesses, needs an effective IT strategy and the right guidance. This is what our CIO Advisory services excel in. We understand the existing technologies businesses use, their challenges along with their goals and align them with the technology most suited for their business. We offer our industry expertise and insights to help:

Overall IT assessment: An overall evaluation of solutions, applications, and systems to determine the improvements needed.

IT services required: A determination of the right technology to align with business strategy and goals.

Consulting & mentoring: Helping the IT team in making better decisions and effective strategy execution to impact the business positively.

Quick problem solving: Urgent problems can arise quickly in projects. Our CIO Advisory services ensure disaster recovery, business continuity, and rescuing projects to get the work back on track.

Managing data: Our team helps analyse, store and leverage data effectively to map the course towards achieving business objectives.


Process Consulting

We strategize the IT framework of organizations and help in streamlining their IT processes to make the companies scalable and capable of meeting their day-to-day needs efficiently. We do this by strengthening the core competencies of enterprises, aligning the IT systems to meet the business objectives, and implementing measurable solutions based on their needs.

Process consulting