CSR Activities

CSR for the Community and Environment

  • We promote sustainability and have made it an essential
    component of our branding.
  • We make efforts to reduce our carbon emissions
  • We promote recycling and encourage minimal use of paper.
  • We reduce the environmental footprint by promoting virtual
    meets and seminars.
  • We have made it a practice to give back to society through fundraising and charity and encourage our employees to do so too.

CSR for Employees

  • We have implemented policies that strengthen our employees’ rights
  • We offer equal opportunities to all irrespective of gender, age, or identity.
  • We make our employees feel valued and cared for by offering them
    tokens of appreciation.
  • We make sure that our work policies support their work-life balance and improve their quality of life.
  • We offer extended maternity leaves, time off for festivities,
    and wellness support.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A kind word, a little smile, or merely a hug can positively impact someone’s life and change it for the better. Bearing this in mind, the Cardinal Carnation Group’s ‘Annapurna’ Drives are organized every month to help the underprivileged in the most wholesome way possible.

Annapurna Drive to End the Pangs of Hunger

According to a survey, over thirty-three lakh children in India are malnourished. This adversely affects their development, impedes their growth, and leaves them too tired to focus on studies or any developmental activity. Cardinal believes that everyone in society should have the right to a hunger-free, healthy life. As a part of the Annapurna initiative, a team of volunteers from the organization, along with the members of the Robinhood Army, regularly visit the Robinhood Academy to donate food to needy children. The children that assemble at the academy-designated venue are distributed pre-packed nutritional food, sweets, and water bottles. However, this initiative is not solely about food distribution, but also about listening and understanding the problems these children go through. Therefore, with every drive, the mission to help these children widens.

Annapurna Drive to Support Education of the Needy

Education is the key to eliminating inequalities in society and focusing on children’s education is an essential part of Cardinal’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Although there are numerous schools in the country, just one-third of more than a billion people in India know how to read. Therefore, education drives become a necessity. The drives also give the team members a chance to engage with the children, understand their problems, and make efforts to address them. We continue to support their education through the distribution of books and stationery items along with seating mats and other such items while also helping solve other issues which may hinder the proper conduction of educational classes for children. The drives also include professional trainers among the group of volunteers from the company to train the children on a variety of topics of wellness, IT, and general awareness. The purpose is to educate the children on personal hygiene and well-being, the important role education plays in building their future, and making them aware of the advancements in the technology industry around the world. These drives will also aim to encourage their learning, and help children with their lessons, where volunteers will offer teaching sessions, monthly training sessions, and intensive tuition classes to the students who need additional support.

Celebrations that Bring Smiles to Overlooked Faces

Spreading joy among the poor and needy children is also an essential aspect of Annapurna Drives. Therefore, Cardinal has always made a conscious effort to celebrate festivals and occasions with them. Occasions like Independence Day, Diwali, Children’s Day, and others fill children with excitement and happiness. This also gives them a chance to present their creativity and talent by participating in poem recitations, songs, and dance performances. The elated children get to explore new places, learn about new things and enjoy themselves.

Cardinal plans to organize more such drives to help people, particularly children, by providing fresh meals and supporting them in their education.

Support for a Green Environment

Prioritizing and contributing towards environmental initiatives is the need of the hour. Therefore, as an organization, we make conscious efforts to focus on eco-friendly business practices. With this thought in mind, we emphasize recycling when possible, and reusing items to reduce waste. Plantation drives are also an effort in this direction. These drives are significant in combating issues of deforestation, pollution, soil erosion, and more. Cardinal is committed to doing its bit in supporting the environment for sustainable development and progress.

Equal Employment Opportunities

Cardinal takes pride in maintaining an open, balanced and supportive culture that provides equal opportunities to all irrespective of their gender, caste, color, race, religion, or age. We believe in evaluating people on their skills, and experience, and provide our workers the freedom to try out different roles and do their job in an uninhibited way. Our employees receive a supportive environment that ensures equal chances to learn, explore, enhance skills, and progress in their careers. This not only contributes to their personal growth but also to the growth and progress of the organization.