Data And Analytics

Building data & analytics capabilities requires overcoming barriers common across industries. We transform and optimize the data generated by organizations into useful business knowledge to achieve the client’s business goals and help them make the right decisions. Carnation’s Data and analytics services offer meaningful insights, identify new business opportunities, reduce costs, and increase profits by simplifying the data architecture of businesses. We span the spectrum of strategy to design, develop, and deploy these capabilities thus helping organizations lay the groundwork for the future.


Data Engineering

Businesses need an efficient way to extract, interpret and consume data. Our highly experienced team helps in structuring databases, testing their operation efficiency, and working towards finding new ways for data acquisition to help businesses implement the acquired information in their strategies. This way we help clients understand their data-related challenges, provide them complete assistance in creating value for their business, help increase their revenue, and enhance their ROI.

ETL - With ETL, we extract, transform, and load data systematically, while through ELT we prioritize loading raw data before transformation. Our expertise allows us to tailor solutions to the organizations’ specific data requirements and infrastructure, ensuring efficient and informed data integration decisions. Our services harness the power of data seamlessly, boosting the capabilities and efficiency of businesses.

Data pipelining - Data pipelining is the backbone of data efficiency. As a leading IT company, we specialize in crafting seamless data pipelines that streamline information flow within organizations. Our expert team designs, deploys, and maintains robust pipelines, ensuring data reliability and accessibility.

Data architecture - Our data architecture services help in elevating the data landscape of enterprises. Our expert architects design scalable, efficient data ecosystems that empower the decision-making of organizations. Well-structured data helps in gaining efficient insights, driving innovation, and staying ahead in the competitive landscape. Our data architecture excellence helps in unleashing the true potential of data assets.


Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Using modern technologies and techniques to extract insights from data and turning it into value for businesses is what we do. We build statistical models from data, build automated reporting to generate useful information, integrate data from various data systems and sources into valuable information, and use an array of visual elements and data visualization tools to understand trends, patterns, and KPIs in data. This way, we deliver high-quality data analytics services to organizations, and help them protect, grow, and optimize their business and its operations with increased efficiency and at smaller investments.

BI & Data Analytics Infrastructure Design and Implementation - We have redefined BI services through a holistic approach. This drives informed decision-making and craft robust infrastructure tailored to the data needs of enterprises. From data warehouses to cloud-based solutions, we ensure that data is accessible and secure.

Ad Hoc and Scheduled Analytics Querying and Reporting - Our analytics empower businesses with concurrent insights. Whether it is ad hoc queries or scheduled reports, our solutions adapt to evolving business requirements.

Natural Language User Interface - Our NLU services revolutionize the data analysis capabilities of organizations. Our advanced BI services allow enterprises to effortlessly inquire, receive insightful responses, and unveil data-driven insights. The user-friendly interface makes data accessible to all, breaking down barriers to insights while posing questions and receiving instant answers effortlessly.

Reporting - We specialize in transforming raw data into actionable reports. Our skilled team creates dynamic reporting solutions that visualize data effectively, enabling enterprises to make informed choices. Whether it's business intelligence dashboards, real-time analytics, or automated reporting, we cater to diverse reporting needs. We help our clients elevate their data analysis and gain a competitive edge.

Data Visualization

Interactive Dashboarding - Our interactive dashboards translate complex data into clear, actionable insights. We help organizations navigate their data effortlessly, uncover trends, and make informed decisions in real time.

Custom and Pre-Built Visuals - Our services help you choose from a rich library of pre-built visuals or let us craft custom ones that align with your brand and data requirements. We blend creativity with functionality to ensure your visuals tell a compelling story.

Multiple Visualization Techniques - We can help enterprises elevate their data communication with our comprehensive data visualization services. We offer a wide array of visualization techniques ranging from symbol maps for geographic data to line charts, bar charts, and pie charts for diverse data types.


Data Management

Data Modelling & Quality - We follow industry best practices, adhere to quality standards, and adopt cutting-edge technologies to deliver tangible results for organizations. Our Data Modelling Services ensure that in addition to the data being in the most reliable and usable state, its design and structure complement the technology being used to address the business requirements effectively. We help organizations sustain the growing data volumes ensuring that the data is consolidated properly, cleaned to remove noise, and transformed for meaningful analytics.

Data Governance - Our data governance services ensure data integrity and compliance. We excel in establishing robust data governance frameworks for organizations. Our experts ensure data quality, security, and compliance with industry regulations. We tailor governance strategies according to the unique needs of organizations, fostering data trust and enabling effective data management. This helps in safeguarding valuable information assets and building a strong foundation for data-driven success.

Data Lineage - Our data lineage services help in mapping and tracking the journey of data across systems. Our expert team provides comprehensive data lineage solutions, ensuring the clients understand data origins, transformations, and destinations. We help organizations gain insights into data dependencies, boost data quality, and enhance regulatory compliance. We help them in trusting the data journey and making informed decisions.

Data Integration and warehousing - In today’s expanding data-driven business landscape, seamless data integration and efficient data warehousing are fundamental for success. We help enterprises by providing innovative solutions to meet their data management needs. Our data integration services facilitate the harmonious flow of information across the organization, breaking down silos and assisting in real-time access to significant insights. We employ advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure data accuracy and consistency, empowering organizations to make informed decisions swiftly. Additionally, our data warehousing services offer a secure and scalable repository for valuable data. We design custom data warehouses that cater to specific requirements, providing a solid foundation for advanced analytics and reporting.

Data Marts - Our data mart services help in creating dedicated data repositories for organizations, tailored to their business needs. Our team of experts designs and deploys Data Marts that provide streamlined access to critical information. This helps businesses harness the advantage of faster and more efficient reporting and analytics.

Data Lakes - We specialize in creating scalable and flexible Data Lakes that consolidate, store, and analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. Our experts design customized solutions to regulate the full potential of data, enabling advanced analytics, machine learning, and data exploration.


Big Data

Big Data Infrastructure Setup and Support - We help in transforming the data of organizations into actionable insights. Our experts specialize in crafting tailored big-data infrastructure solutions. From cluster configurations to storage optimization, we help clients by laying a strong foundation. Continuous 24/7 monitoring and maintenance ensures uninterrupted data processing.

Big Data Quality and Security Management - Data integrity and security are vital for organizations. We acknowledge this and therefore, our services include data cleansing, validation, and enrichment for reliable, accurate data. Out robust security protocols and encryption techniques protect against breaches and ensure compliance.

Big Data Capture, Analysis, and Reporting - We effortlessly capture, analyze, and derive insights with our advanced solutions. We use efficient data capture tools that collect from diverse sources, analytics tools that provide deep insights, along customized reporting dashboards that visualize key performance indicators.