Diversity and Inclusion

Workplace diversity can have a huge impact on employee productivity and engagement. We acknowledge this and, therefore, believe in maintaining a high level of inclusion and diversity within the organization. Cardinal is built on a culture of camaraderie, irrespective of religion, color, gender, family status, or age. The differences in personality, thoughts, and opinions enable everyone to perform at their best, and it is the uniqueness of each of our employees that has made us successful.

We continuously make efforts towards incorporating people-centric initiatives that encourage our workforce to build trustful relationships with each other. Our employees have the opportunity to voice their concerns, if any, regarding any issues they may observe or face when it comes to workplace diversity and inclusion. Our workforce comes from different cultures, regions, nationalities, ethnicity, race, and age differences.


Not just this, we have tried to establish inclusion and diversity, in terms of clients, partnerships, and leadership as well. This has brought in an enormous range of life experiences, workspace skills, innovation, and problem-solving skills to the organization. Therefore, we continue to make conscious efforts to recruit individuals from all parts of society.

However, implementing diversity and inclusion may come with some difficulty, but its positive impact cannot be denied. This is why we strive towards creating an environment that establishes a sense of belonging among the employees. We endeavor towards making a difference in the lives of people by providing equal opportunities that lead to a more secure and fulfilling life. Our focus is on staying cohesive, supportive, and inclusive so that we may continue maintaining an environment that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and team spirit.