Infrastructure & Security

We ensure the resilience and optimal performance of your IT infrastructure to help you focus on delivering organizational outcomes. Our infrastructure and security services cover administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of corporate IT infrastructures. We help companies keep their IT infrastructures completely operable, cost-efficient, and reliable.


Managed Infrastructure Services

We give comprehensive monitoring and management of on-premises, cloud, and IT infrastructure to help enhance operational agility, reduce risk, and optimize cloud and technology infrastructure investments of organizations. Our team excels at administering and managing technology, information, and data in a proactive way while remaining closely allied to the overall goals of the business. Through this, we help in minimizing downtime and keeping businesses as productive as possible.


Data and Application Migration Services

Data migration is an integral part of programs that involve change. The need to migrate data happens almost all the time. We make this easy for you. Our team of experts advises organizations on the best approach for validating, cleansing, and migrating multiple data types, even if it is located in different repositories, platforms, and locations. Our vast experience and thorough risk-averse migration techniques help us perform seamless, secure, and safe migration services to offer faster performance and cost-effective scalability.

We Offer:

ERP Migration | Operating System Migration | Database migration | CMS migration | IT Infrastructure migration | Platform migration | Code migration | Cloud migration


Cloud Operation & Management

We offer hassle-free cloud operation and management services to help support business initiatives in a secure and cost-effective manner. We develop proper standards and streamline cloud operations that improve their overall productivity. Our services help reduce the cost of delivering cloud services, justify investments and deliver the speed and quality that users expect and demand. We help maximize the visibility of the cloud environment of organizations that gives them the intelligence required to control the resources and run services confidently and cost-effectively.

We Offer:

24X7 monitoring & administration | Server and OS management on cloud Database design, implementation & operations | Storage & backup management User and security management | Billing & chargeback Consolidated SLA management and billing | LOB integration & orchestration Next-generation operations



With the world of technology continuously evolving, many organizations implement new technologies without the right counsel or direction from IT, information security, procurement, or risk specialists. This puts them at risk of cyber threats. Our cyber security services offer advanced expertise in the current threat landscape along with tremendous monetary and non-monetary value within the organization. We focus on all areas of the possible cyber-attack surface by constantly monitoring and protecting businesses from cyber threats using advanced tools and threat intelligence IT security solutions. We deliver cost-effective technology to detect and respond to threats and provide expert consulting services to support IT teams.


Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments are essential for organizations to be aware of the possible cyber threats and security holes within the IT infrastructure. This is possible by running a series of diagnostics on company devices, applications, and networks. Our experts utilize this data to recommend areas for improvement based on urgency and scope, determine the most effective path for remediation or mitigation of each vulnerability and help address each vulnerability to ensure maximum security across the organization.


Compliance & Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are designed to start a thinking process around the organization’s weaknesses and threats, as well as to prepare them for the different criteria they may face. We help minimize cyber risks in organizations by understanding, tracking, and monitoring them. We attain this by conducting a risk assessment, identifying the flaws and risks that could compromise the company’s network security, developing a risk management strategy, and then working on it. With us, our clients get best practice risk assessments and practical, high-quality, legally compliant solutions to them.